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How Many Paid Internet Survey Can You Get?

Anyone can join an online survey company that gathers survey feedback. Upon approval, you would start to receive free internet paid surveys to complete. Typically, one can expect the very first survey to arrive at your mailbox anytime between the date you joined or up to 2 or 3 weeks later.

Basically, it is the profile you register and fill in with the online paid surveys companies that determine the number of free internet paid surveys you can get to do. Obviously, a person  who has diverse interests and uses a large pool of products tend to get more online surveys to participate in. This does make sense as these group of people are the targeted consumers their clients want.

If you have never done an online survey, it sounds like fun, doesn't it? 

Letting a company know about your opinions brings the same sort of pleasure as taking quizzes in magazines, that sense of self-exploration and at the same time the feeling that you are letting your opinions be known to others and making a difference. 

The Bad Surveys Companies

Well, I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but not all online surveys are created equal. More often than not, I have signed up for surveys sites promising me the world and ended up with nothing but endless advertisements and no money in my pocket. Let me explain: 

Many times, survey sites are really just advertisers in disguise. They are making money off of having us click on their sponsor's links. So, you will open a survey but all the survey is is a long list of offers from advertisers to which you need to answer, "yes" you are interested or, "no" you are not. It doesn't end there. After the first page, there is another page, and another, and another- and god help you if you answer "yes" to any of those questions!! Then you have to fill in all of your information- name, address, birth date, etc. for each individual advertiser. When you finally reach the last page they usually tell you that to claim your money or prize you MUST say yes to at least one offer listed below. These offers almost always cost money. If you do say yes to one, usually they bring you to another page where you have to say yes to three. It is all very tiresome. 

Other times, there are companies that do seem to be legitimate and you will receive e-mails from them stating that you will be paid $3 to take a 20 minute survey. You will begin to take the survey, so grateful to be offered one that pays cash, and usually 10-15 minutes in, the survey will suddenly end and they will say "I'm sorry you do not qualify for this survey. You will not be paid but we'll enter you in our monthly raffle." I do not know anyone who has won that raffle. Call me a skeptic, but I often think that they take the information they want from us and just never pay us. 

The Good Surveys Companies

However, there is good news. Amidst all the phony sites there are some good ones. They pay you in points, not cash, but you can trade your points in for cash and prizes. Their surveys are legitimate. They usually show you logos or slogans of new products and you tell them how likely you would be to buy the product. Often, they will even send you new products to try in your home as well and then answer some questions about them. 

Wishing you success in finding scam free online survey jobs to do on your home pc.

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