Rebate Processor Jobs - Is This a Fraud

Are you searching and looking for information about the rebate processor jobs scam? There are many individuals who wish to work at home and are wondering if there is a rebate processor scam and if you can actually process rebates from home. In this article, it will expose what we have found about these rebate processing jobs. We've personally tried the work at home job so we can tell you what we've learned from the home rebate processor job.

"Can You Really Make Money Working As An Online Rebate Processor? OR Is The Process Rebates From Home Opportunity A Scam?"

So you've seen the rebate processor job listed online and now you want to know whether or not is legit. 

I mean it does sound really appealing, right? You can learn how to process rebates from home and make an outstanding income working from the comfort of your own home.

Most of the rebate processor websites you come across show pictures of nice cars, big houses, and stacks of money. All of which you can have (so they say) just by becoming an online rebate processor.

So what is a Rebate Processor Job and how do you process rebates and earn from home?

By reading the rebate processor website you get the idea that you will process rebates from home as an "employee" for a company or companies.

They make you think that once you join their Rebate Processor Program that you will be given a variety of companies to work for and process rebates from home.

Well, here's the truth about a Rebate Processor...

A Rebate Processor Job is nothing more that an affiliate marketer. An Affiliate Marketer is someone who promotes and sells other people products for a percentage of the profits. 

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and lucrative way to make money from home, but the Rebate Processor programs repackage affiliate marketing to make it appeal more to the job seeker.

After joining the Rebate Processor Program you will be instructed to sign up with clickbank (an affiliate network). So the companies that you supposedly are working for are the companies that created the products that you will be selling.

The forms that a "Rebate Processor" fills in, is just Google adwords (advertising) forms. That's right, to process rebates from home, you will need to pay for advertising to sell the products for the "companies" that you choose to work with.

Is the "Rebate Processor Jobs" opportunity a scam?

I don't believe you can consider this a scam, but it is definitely deceiving. If the companies would just say that they will teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, then it would be a totally honest program. But they bend the truth by taking the "process rebates from home" path.

So are there any REAL WAYS to work from home? With so many scams and lies are there any legitimate ways to make money on the internet?

Yes! If you were interested in becoming rebate processor, then you might like some other jobs that are REAL scam free home busines. Things like writing articles and quality content for website owners.

There is also another very popular job as a link builder. Where you help webmasters build and maintain links to their websites by posting on blogs or submitting articles to directories.

Most online jobs require that you assist webmasters promote their website. And there are hundreds of webmasters who would be willing to hire you for a great price. And as you become better and better at writing you can demand a higher price for your work.

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