Seek to Understand your Internet Business Marketing Strategy

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All Internet Business is an Internet Marketing Business.  In fact, ALL type of business is a Marketing Business.  You may owned the BEST products or services, but nobody will know if you do not make an effort to market it.

Every Internet Marketing Strategy serve a purpose and you must learn the correct way of using it.  Always seek to understand the different type of Internet Marketing tools that you are using.

Initially, take ONE Step at a time when you FIRST advertise Online on any Adverting Network.

Take for example the posting of links in a Free For All (FFA) page and why do FFA page still exist today?

You can get lots of ONE way links but to the search engine, links in a FFA page does not carry much weight or is simply ignore.  However, if you HOST a FFA page for webmasters to post links, then you have used it correctly because the purpose of a FFA page is to help the owner of the FFA page to capture the email address of the users.  Visitors to a FFA page are mostly webmaster, their sole purpose is to post a link of their website and the majority of them will not be bother about clicking the links on a FFA page.  Therefore, be the FFA web hoster not the link poster.

Another example is the Guarantee Clicks Network and should you used it as part of your internet marketing strategy?

In a guarantee clicks network, you spend time visiting someone website and in returns, someone will visit your website.  If you have used a Guarantee clicks Network before, you would realize that the majority of community are MONEY minded webmaster who would have something to SELL on their website.  You will fare very poorly if you display your contents site on a guarantee clicks network.   The majority of the users of the guarantee network are more interested in MONEY making opportunity or ways to generate high traffics and a powerful one page sales pitch Mini Website will performed better. The guarantee clicks network is a great place to recruit webmaster if you have just launch a NEW money making business opportunity or ways to generate high traffics.

For those who are NOT selling their own product and need FRESH people who are searching for business opportunity, the Pay Per Click Advertising Network is the best marketing options as it allows you to reach your FRESH TARGETED audience by bidding on your target keywords.  The more specific your targeted keywords, the higher your sales conversion rate.

As you can see, you need to understand your TARGET audience before embarking on your Internet Marketing campaign.   Different adverting network have different type of audience.  You'll be wasting your time, effort and money if you market your products or services on the wrong advertising network as you will not be able to get your desired results.

Wishing you success in your Internet Marketing Effort.

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