Selecting A Niche Is Extremely Important 

Finding a niche market is the right way to go.  Selecting a niche to go into is an extremely important part of any online business. Whatever you do, you won't be able to reach everyone in a profitable way, it's just downright impossible. The problem with going for a broad market is that it is nearly impossible to find out what they want and need and even if you did, it would cost and arm and a leg to market to them. This is why you need to narrow your target market down - and narrow it down quite a bit.

How Do I Go About Selecting A Niche Then?

There is a niche market out there for everyone who put an effort to search for it.  Selecting the right niche to venture in can take some time as there is usually quite a bit of research involved. Don't rush this part of the process, it's very important that you get this right. I've outlined a few tips here that should help you figure out what might be a good niche for you.

Following Your Passion

Unfortunately there are a lot of people in jobs they don't really want to be in, doing things they don't really want to be doing. The beauty of running your own business in any form is that you don't have to be one of those people - you can make sure from the beginning that you are getting into something that you love.
Being An Expert

If you're going to be offering people advice, you need to know what you are talking about. It makes sense to build a business or a product around something you already are good at or know lots about and that is the logic behind niche content online profits. If you don't yet know enough about your niche to call yourself an expert though, don't worry! It is always possible to become one. Spend time researching your topic, the Internet is a powerful tool! If you put in the time and effort to really read and learn, you can absolutely become an expert in your chosen field. 

Doing Your Research

When you've found a few things you would like to get into, it's time to find out if there is an interest for them in the market and if they are actually profitable. Let's face it, there is little point starting a business in a niche that you love but can't ever make any real money on. It makes sense to make sure your niche is profitable right from the start. So you should be looking for something that a) people want or need and b) is profitable for you.

Finding A Need

Forum is a fantastic way of researching what people are generally after and it is the key for finding niche internet business to start. Just google for the forum of your interest and browse through the threads. You will quickly notice there are many topics that come up again and again and areas that people need help with or have questions in. This is very valuable information when it comes to niche selection, as if there are plenty of questions, there is a market in that niche.

Another good way of selecting needs in a market is simply by using Google. If you find there are many threads with questions coming up in the first few pages and plenty of articles written about the topic, the niche is something people want to learn about.

Make Sure It's Profitable

So you have established what people want and need but you still need to make sure it's possible to make some money in that niche. A good place to research this in is the Clickbank Marketplace. Just search those niches you've come up with and sort them in order of popularity. The magic number to look at is under "gravity". I would recommend you look for products with a gravity of 5 or more. In essence, the higher the gravity, the more the product sells. If your niche is for example "list building", you would search for list building products with a gravity of higher than 5. This allows you to quickly establish that there are products that are selling in that niche.

This is pretty much all I did when I chose what niche my first product will be and I found it simplified the process and gave me something real to go on rather than just guessing what might be useful.

So now, give some of your thoughts to these: 

  • How did you choose your niche? 
  • How did you find it? 
Feel free to add your own tips as well and most importantly, make sure you enjoyed working on your niche so that it won't look like work.

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