Avoid Unproductive Habit To Succeed In Home Business

One of the biggest reasons why many Singaporean failed in their home business is because they have formed unproductive habits.  We often falls into our unproductive habits as they are often tasks that don't require any deep thinking and are tasks that we like to do.

Let us find out what are some of those unproductive tasks:

Business Improvement - Yes, thinking of how to improve your business is not an easy task.  You got to think of different strategy that can get you more traffics in order to earn more. An activity such as working on your ads or sales copy requires constant fine tuning and there is always a chance of failure.  Very often, when our mind starts to hang due to the lack of new ideas, we might fall back into our bad habits and start checking our web stats or emails again and again.  This tasks are easy to do but it won't help you to make money.

Emails From Friends - Most of us used Microsoft Windows as our personal computer operating system.  The windows software allows us to do multi-tasking.  This means that we often left our email open in one window and then work on another window.  This is fine till you are alerted with the arrival of a new mail.  It is hard to ignore when a new email arrive and you are very likely to stop what you are working on and click to the email window and read the email.  Is it something important?  Or is it just another hot juicy gossip about some celebrity.  Again, it is much more fun than working on our pre-sales page isn't it.

Calls From Friends - If your friends know that you are working from home, they might just call you for a chat or to drink Kopi at the nearest Kopitiam.  At times, we may lost track of our chit chat time and forgot that we are suppose to work.  This often doesn’t happen in a real office environment unless you like being invited to the boss office for a cup of coffee.  Again chatting helps us to relax and forgot about the tedious task of thinking how to optimize your web page for the search engine.

Now you got the ideas what I meant.  To most Singaporean, their online business in their HDB flat or condominium is just work when it shouldn't be.  A business should be something you enjoy doing as you don't have to report to a boss.  Well, at least that is one of the main reason for me.  That is why I don't get distracted into doing all those unproductive tasks.

Of course, there is many other unproductive habit that eats into our business time.  We just have to think of ways to get rid of it.  Two of the major addiction are playing games on the popular iPad, android Smartphone and watching television.  Many of us are willing victims of these bad habits as they are activates that are so much fun to do.

Therefore, to succeed in your internet business, try to cut down or eliminate those tasks that will not help you improve.  Focus and work on those that will bring you more money and prosperity.

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