Skills Requirement to Start a Home-Based Online Business

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Whenever I need a job or a change of job environment, I'll flip the recruitment section of the newspaper to search for the type of job that I wish to apply.  Next, I'll note down the requirement set by the company and jobs skills that are expected from the jobs applicant such as the knowledge requirement, number of years of experience etc.  The listed job requirement will determined the success rate of my job applications.

Likewise, in order to operate a home-based online business, I notice that there are also a number of skills that you MUST ACQUIRE in order to start a home-based online business.  Thank God that experience, age, size, shape are not one of those requirement.

The first skill will be to learn how to create a html web page.  Initially like most of you, I'm totally blank about HTML and went to sign-up for a short course on html and how to create a home page for fun.  In the class, it was really dry learning all those html code but when you see the result of your home page after you ftp to it to the web server, it was really satisfying.  However, I almost forgot about those html code I learn as I uses free software that like frontpage express that come free with the Internet Explorer which automatically create the html code for me in the background when I save my html file. 

The next skill you need to learn is writing.  As you probably know, the internet is purely a huge information database.  People around the world uses search engine like Google to search for information that they need daily.  Therefore, you must learn to create content, and web contents are purely words written by people.  You don't have to be an expert writer, you just need to write naturally like you are talking to someone and that person reading your message is able to understand you.  Unless you have not written an email before, this should  not be a difficult skill to acquire.  Just treat it that you are writing an email to your friend.  The only difference is that you're posting it to your website for the world to read.

The last and MOST IMPORTANT skill to learn will be internet, website or online marketing whichever name you like to called it.  Developing a web page is the easy part, the most difficult part of a home-based online business is attracting website traffics.  You must announce to the WORLD including Aliens if possible about your newly created website, else your website will only exists in the black hole where nobody can find it.  Therefore, you must open your mind and start to learn the numerous way of promoting your website.  Online marketing is more of a science rather than an art but it take time to learn it.  That is why, you must at least give yourself a time-frame of minimum one year to master it.  Eventually, you'll be able to cover the cost of your learning time and money spend.

Wishing you happiness in learning and success to your home-based online business.

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