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Selling your own eBook Online is one of the most common ways to make money from the Internet.   Many authors have realize the large potential Internet Markets and have gone online to self-publish their own information products.

The followings are advantage of eBooks Sellers:

  • Don't have to spend hours and days to search for book publisher to publish your book.
  • You get to keep MOST of the online profits.
  • The eBook is written once and you can keep selling it again and again and again.
  • No expensive storage and distribution cost.
How to Get into the eBook Business without writing a word?

If you feel that you are not comfortable with writing but still want to start an eBook selling business, then what you can do is to buy the Master Resale Rights of another person work. 

What are Resale Rights?

Resale Rights means you pay ONCE for the digital product and it give you the rights to sell the digital product over and over again.  However, those customers who bought from you doesn't have the rights to RESELL them.

What are Master Resale Rights?

Master Resale Rights means that you pay ONCE for the license of the digital product and from then onwards, you can sell it over and over again keeping 100% of the profits.  Those customers who bought from you will also get the Master Resale Rights to RESELL the digital products.

As you can see, Master Resale Rights give you more control.

Processing Payments for your eBook Business

In order to sell your ebook online, your website need software to help you process payments from buyers.  To-date Paypal is the Top hassle free electronics method for receiving credit cards payments for small business owners selling ebooks or other products from their website.

The benefits of Paypal is that there are no initial setup fees and no hidden or additional charges until a sale have been made from your website.  They only charges a small fees after you made a sales.

Therefore, no expensive software license to buy and maintain.

Setting up an eBook Affiliates Team

Most Online Business Owners knows that the success or failures of your Online Business depends a lot on your Online Traffics.  Therefore, having a large team of Online Sales People is very critical in determining whether your Online Business can succeed or not.

With more than 100,000 ready online affiliate,  ClickBank is the best place to sell you eBooks.  You can leverage on their presence and wide network to recruit affiliates to sell your information products.  You pay a One Time setup fees of USD 49.95 and after that you only pays a small sales commission once your digital products are sold.

To attract more affiliates to sell your digital products, have an attractive payments scheme.   Many eBook Sellers at ClickBank pays a commission rates as high as 75% to their affiliates because it is better to get thousands and thousands of affiliates to sell your ebook even you only get 25% of the profits.   Ultimately, you will still gain the MOST as your sales volume will be much higher.

As you only pay a commission when there is a sale, setting up an eBook Affiliates team will definately boost the sales of your eBook.

Wishing you success in Writing and Starting your own Ebook Selling Business.

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