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If you wish to fulfill your dreams as a home based father, the last thing you want in your list is the word "business failure."  How can you ensure that the home business you start with your computer will not failed?  The best way to do that is to avoid those pitfalls that many business owners often succumb to.

- Get Rich Quick or Fast

The first thing you need to do is to brainwash your mind from those get rich mentality which have been planted by those internet guru.  That is, earning an income on the web is easy and without work.  Yes, they can setup a money making site for you within minutes but you will not make any money from it.  No matter how easy those guru sounds, in the end, they will leave you with the hardest online job of all and that is internet advertising.

- Inaction

The world web wide is well-known as an abundance source of free information.  Yes, many working dad get caught up in researching the business to start for many years but end up never actually getting started.  There can never be a perfect business to start and neither will there be a perfect plan.  The best way to ensure your success is to start climbing the first step and learn along the way.

- General or Niche Market

It really doesn't matter whether you are going into a general or niche market.  The most important condition you should think about is "do you have the passion to do it even without earning a single cent".  Starting a new business means that there will not be any earning especially during the initial stage.  A passionate business owner tends to survive and succeed in their busienss as they look at it as a hobby and enjoy learning the trade.  They will continue to invest their time and money on it and make it a success even when the going is tough.    

- Obsession with PageRank

Many SEO expert overhyped the importance of page rank.  Page rank is a system where the google search engine put a numeric value on your home business website from 1 to 10.  The value assigned indicate your site overall content quality and backlinks quality.  Over emphasis on pagerank spell doom for most online owners as they neglect other important area of their website like creating useful contents for their visitors.

- Keyword Research

It helps to know the level of difficulty in getting a high ranking for certain keywords especially when your home internet site is pretty new.  Initially, you should not target those keywords that are already taken by those authority sites.  These are sites with thousands of backlinks and they usually have a pagerank of 6 or more.  It is like trying to break a wall with an egg.

Last of all, never start any business when you are in need of money or out of job.  The fastest way to get a regular monthly income is still to find a full-time job.  Start a web base business part-time only when you have a regular job.  This will ensure that you will not succumb easily to those scams on the net when you are in a desperate condition.

Wishing you success in becoming a stay home father.

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