Successful Early Retirement - The Master Keys To Succeed

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Quit my job and go for long holidays, that are the favourite answers of lottery buyers when they were asked what would they do if they have won the lottery.

Wallace Wattles who wrote a masterpiece entitled "The Science Of Getting Rich" in 1908 points out that anyone can get rich with scientific certainty if that person does things in a certain way.

So, what are those ways that will enable you to get rich with certainty.  Here are some tips for you to start with:

Drinking and Smoking

- Many smokers probably know that liver cirrhosis and lung cancer are not pleasurable but they still continue to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol.  These consumable items are not cheap and they are bad for your health.  You should quit them and used the money saved to grow your wealth.

Stop Gambling

- Don't leave financial freedom to fate.  People who are rich are not there by chance.  They don't gamble.  The $500 a month of gambling fund could be invested in reits that pays 4 per cent per annum.  Do you know that your $500 per month would compound to an astonishing sum of $350,000 at the end of 30 years.

Set Clear Financial Goals

- Every individual lifestyle and spending habits are different.  Some people are quite happy with their lifestyle if their investment can yield them a monthly residual income of $5,000.  For others, it could be $4,000.  So determine an accurate figure on the actual amount that will let you live comfortably the lifestyle that you want.  It clear up your subconscious mind and it will lead you to a proper plan to achieve your money goals.

Purchase Your Own Home

- Everyone needs a place to live on this earth.  Property is one of the certain way that many people have grown their wealth.  Paying rents every month means that you are in fact helping the owners of the property to clear up their house loans.  Furthermore, the monthly rent paid are gone forever.  Why not convert that monthly rental amounts into loans that will eventually let you became the house owner instead.

Credit Cards 

- Using credit cards for the perks and privileges, paying the full amount every month is the right way to used it.  Paying the minimum sum every month means that you are getting yourself into financial trouble.  With an interest rate of 24 per cents per annum for your outstanding amounts spell disaster in the long-term.  Therefore, owing the credit card companies is a double no no.

Brick and Mortal Business

- Yes, for thousands of centuries owning your own business is the number way you can get rich with certainty. With the right relevant expertise, plan and good partners, no other kind of investment can beat the kind of returns that can come from being a business owner.

Business on the Web

- If you don't have much investment capital, then a business on the web is the next best option to own a business of your own.  Businesses on the net are inexpensive as you only require soft asset call domain name, web hosting and written contents.  An investment of a dollar a day is all the capital that you need.

Many people blame their lack of financial prosperity on the economy, lack of opportunity or lack of money.  In actual fact, your mind is the greatest threat whether you want to attract or repel wealth.

Wishing you a successful early retirement.

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