The Best Way to Earn a Full Time Income Online

Everyone is searching for the best way to earn a full time income online. The common ways are via affiliate marketing, contextual advertising or creating information products to sell.  Some questions you should be asking are:
  • Do you still think that selling other people products via affiliate marketing is still effective? 
  • How about building an authority site and monetizing it with contextual ads from Google? 
  • Is creating products and digital downloads the best way to earn money online?
  • What is the best way to pick a niche? 
  • Should I do something I already know and love or is it smarter to simply find a hyper profitable industry and learn on the fly? 
  • Do any of these questions sound familiar as you research for online money making ideas?
Here, what I am going to do is to take a quick and easy look at what I believe is the absolute BEST way to earn a full time living from home right now. 

One of the BEST ways to earn a full time income online now is Selling YOURSELF. 

YES, it is finding what it is that you LOVE doing and working that love into a living that pays you for your PASSION. The truth is that coaching, consulting, teaching, training, mentoring and helping others in an area that you have experience and expertise remains the ONLY predictable way for you to make a profit and build a viable, valuable and enduring business model.

For example, one of the business axioms that I have tried to into my own ethos is this:

Be Able to Control What you Create.

When you start building your blog, your brand and your business around YOU, and what you love to do rather than affiliate products, or contextual ads, or gadgets, gimmicks and gurus, you can always trust that you have control over your future.

However, if you start to put your "trust" into ideas that are outside of your control, your comfort level, and certainty starts to shrink. (and that places us all into a place of fear, rather than focus.)

In my own online journey, I've seen ad payouts going UP and DOWN. I've seen affiliate networks going out of business overnight. I've also seen all of the gadgets, gimmicks and gurus come and go, often as inexplicably as they arrived.

Eventually, the only constant has been ME! And it truly wasn't until I realized that as long as I loved what I did and had something of value to offer others; my underlying business would never be affected by factors outside of my control.

So my best advice for those of you who are looking for the absolute BEST way to make a living online is to:

Stay on course in your chosen home business and learn to turn what you are MOST passionate about into profit. It could be coaching, credit, cooking or clairvoyance. It makes NO difference what the niche is. As long as there is an audience, and you have something of value to offer those who want to learn more, you WILL be able to get your clients.

Lastly, consider THIS:

According to the ICF and other independent coaching organizations, the average general life coach earns over $100 an hour. ($160 being the number most commonly cited)

And the typical client who hires a coach, will spend about $4000 per year on that service. That means if you only focus on getting 20 new clients this year, if you are AVERAGE and you can earn 80k.

If you get 1 new client a month, even totally part time, you can earn 50 thousand dollars.

Of course it's work but it's going to be FUN work, and if you have a genuine passion for what you do, you'll find this simple "shift" in your online strategy will change your life, your business, and your bank account in ways that make them ALL come alive at once, I promise!

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