Tips For Internet Success - No Secret Formulas

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There are no secret formulas for being successful in your web base business.  It all boils down on getting lots of free traffics from the search engines such as, and

While I always say SEO isn't about any secret formulas ( strict keyword density values and things like that ), I think this one is a "formula" that everyone should take into consideration and do not give a wide berth to it by employing black hat techniques:

Good Content = Good Backlinks = Good Rankings = High Traffics => Lots of Money 

Many people knows this, but I thought it would be helpful to rewrite it and maybe help others to remember it.  Stay away from complicated routes and choose this simple one which always work. 

The ways to get more traffic for any online opportunties.  Here is the list of tips to get more traffic to your net based biz :-)

1) Insert keywords at right place on your meta tags.

2) Name your Images with Descriptive Titles and alt text.

3) Use relevant text on your website.

4) Use a tools such as Site Build It! to assess overall content relevance.

5) Press Releases

6) Forums Postings

7) Advertising

8) Google Site map Creation and setup

9) Blogs creation

10) Make some videos and submit them to the larger video sharing sites like Youtube. 

11) Take part in social bookmark sites. These can get some good quick traffic (don't spam). 

12) Pay for direct advertising on sites that are on the same subject as yours. 

13) Take part in PPC advertising including Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adcenter and etc..

14) Make an affiliate program for your website

15) Do viral marketing by producing something with your sites link attached. 

16) Include your sites link in the signature of any emails that you send to people. 

17) Produce some business cards and get them distributed. 

18) Mention your website to your friends and family and ask them to pass it on to others (Word of mouth advertising). 

19) Optimize Your Title and Meta tags.

20) Use anchor text keywords in links.

21) Submit your website to search engines and directories.

22) Content updates

23) Internal Linking Structure

24) Link Building { One Way , Two Way and three way }

25) Article Posting (Submit Articles

Best of luck!

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