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Like any other kinds of investment, if you want to make a regular web home based income, the first thing you must do is to educate yourself first.  The best investment is still your brain.  Don't follows the majority who lost money while trying to search for that ultimate automatic fast money making ideas on-line.

If know nothing about how to earn an internet income regularly, then go step-by-step and get to understand those internet basic first.  For example, even before I start looking for an opportunity on-line, I invested some money on some off-line short courses on how to edit and publish a web page.  How to ftp my web page online etc.

Get started on a web topics that interest you and not one that you think will make the most money for you.  For example, the first web home based income I earn came from my career.  I started a web site based on my career knowledge.  Once my web site goes on-line, then I started to search for those online income opportunities that are relevant to my site.  

The majority of the people who claim that there are no real money making opportunities on the net are those that failed to educate themselves first.  The reasons that you should not go on-line first to search for any business opportunity is because what you will see are usually sales pitch.  Yes, there are gems among those sales pitch but your pocket will likely be burn even before you can reach them.

It is like investing in the stock market, most people dump their hard earn money in the market only after seeing their surrounding friends making money from it.  They hate to do homework but they just love making fast and easy money.  They buys whatever stocks their broker recommend them and when the market start to crash, the got scared and sell, losing their hard earn cash.

During the 1987 Internet Stock Craze, internet stocks prices shoot through the sky.  Many financial expert laugh at the once great investor Warren Buffet for not investing in those internet stocks.  They make fun of him by saying that his strategy was outdated, commenting that his buy and hold strategy does not work anymore. When those internet stocks crash, who turn out to be right after all.

Warren Buffet only invest in stocks that he understand.  Which means that he is an educated stock investor.  He does not listen to sales pitch and only invest in something which he have knowledge on.  This give him a competitive advantage. 
Likewise, if you want to earn a second full-time income from the web, it can be done but you must first learn from Warren Buffet and be an educated internet investor.

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