Web Hosting Provider has a Major Impact to your Business on the Internet

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Starting your own Business on the Internet is a MAJOR decision made by you and I am sure that you want it to be a success.

Do you know that the next MAJOR decision is to find a good web hosting provider that can give your Business on the Internet the necessary valued added web hosting services that you need.

Common question you may asked before looking for your Web Hosting Provider are:

What type of site are you building?
- will you be uploading lots of image files?
- will you be using flash heavily?

Site which uses lots of images and flash will definitely requires more storage space and bandwidth which will COST more as compare with another that have only written words.

A share web hosting with the same IP Address will definitely be cheaper than one with a dedicated server and IP Address.  Asked yourself this question, which property is cheaper, an apartment in a 20 floors building (shared server) or a landed property that has only a single house (dedicated server) build on it.

One important criteria you should check for is to ENSURE that the web hosting provider can offer a 100 percent uptime for your business on the internet.  Can you imagine how much money you'll lose if your site is always down.  How much sales are you losing as the downtime hours passes.

Do you realize that a 99% uptime means that your site will be down for 4 days based on 365 days per year?

You can calculate your downtime per year easily with this formula:
Downtime = 365 - ( 365 * 99 / 100 )

Therefore, if your business on the internet web site is always down, don't waste time and start switching your web hosting provider before you lose more sales and money due to the DOWNTIME.

Never Never choose a web hosting provider just because it is cheap or expensive.

Your web hosting could be VERY cheap but eventually you ended paying more because YOU LOSE more money when your business on the internet web site is down.  Prices should not be the only consideration.

My TOP recommended web host is Site Build It! and you should used it as comparison point against other web hosting provider based on the VALUE ADDED SERVICES that it provide.

Site Build It! is one of those Web Hosting Provider that DARE to Challenge its Customers with this statement:

Purchase SBI! today. Use it. Even register your domain name (it's included in the price). If at any point in time SBI! does not exceed your expectations, we will refund you immediately and you can keep the domain name that you registered as our thank you for giving us a chance at your business. Only by trying can you discover what you and Site Build It! will accomplish together. And we take all the risk while you try.

Wishing you success in finding your Business on the Internet Web Hosting Provider.

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