What Is The Point Of Looking For Genuine Work At Home Opportunities

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There are always time when we wonder for ourselves what are the points of searching for genuine work at home opportunities?

One main reason why I chose to pursue a web base home income was because of one very simple reason. And that reason is: Profits Are Better Than Wages but Nobody teaches this in school, WHY?. It was that simple.

- Wages make you a living which is fine.
- Profits make you a fortune which is Super Fine.

Once you understand this, you're on your way to becoming very rich. It's the same as capitalism is better than communism. Profits are better than wages. When I first started off my web base home income business, I was working full time on my job and part time on my fortune. It changes your lifestyle knowing that you can earn money doing part time. 

An extra thousand a month can provide so much more for yourself and your family. You can start buying more things during the month and not have to scrimp and save just to make ends meet. However, you've really got to be committed to it instead of just showing "interest".

Some goals which I set for myself when I decided to make a lifestyle change and to go into the internet business:

- My first goal was to equal my profits (fortune) is be on the same amount as what I earned full time.
- My second goal is to earn twice as much fortune as what I earned on my full time job.
- And my third goal would be to give up my full time job working for wages and start working full time on my fortune.

The day when I started my own money making site was the day where I Keep Moving Forward all the way. I told myself not to turn back even at times the thought of giving up came as I was also a human after all.
I believe in the Law of Sowing before Reaping and Keep Moving Forward.  Our time still past by us even if we did not do anything to improve our life.  Making the commitment three years ago to research, learn and study on how to make cash on the net have enable me to earn a home income which would not been possible if I had continue to procrastinate.

Today, I have reach my goal but am still doing it part-time as I still love my job.  
All Financial Freedom start with a dream (thought).
The difference is some only dream. Whereas some Conceive, Believe and Achieve (take actions). 
Financial Vision without Action is just an empty dream.

There are real cash to be make on the net but the road will be bumpy and rough especially in the beginning.  For those who believe in this path of internet pot of gold, you can be assured that it will be a profitable path.

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