Which Internet Business Model Makes Money

You may have tried many times to build a profitable business online selling other people products or ads but have failed.  You have tried many ideas, strategies and techniques but had given up.  How many guru eBooks have you purchased gimmicks you have learned and promising internet expert seminars you have attended and they all seem to disappoint you further.

Whether you are trying to build a successful blog, website or ecommerce site from home, the truth is that you should create something that you already love or will likely to do well. 

Secret to Online Success

There are no secret for earning substantial money.  The real secret to online success is to build an authority site that requires deep thinking as well as knowledge.  You need to create a community of fans, friends and social media followers who will only enthusiastically become ambassadors for your brand and they are going to do the work in building your online profile.

Firstly, put aside everything you have learned about keyword tools, profitable niches and try to uncovered some sort of market or services that is you think you will love yourself doing till your end of life and build your business around that theme.

Next, once you have decided on your likes, create an authority site.  Your site should allow feedback like user comment so that you can leverage user generated content which will then attract all of the free content traffics from the search engine.

The Concept

For example, LinkedIn was started as a professional marketplace where people are able to network with other professional.  LinkedIn leverage the traffic of their members who will promote themselves by emailing their colleagues or professional friends to join LinkedIn.  The concept is the same as Facebook where members generate traffics for Facebook through their friends, relatives or colleagues.

Free Flow Traffics

Once you are able to get a stable amount of daily traffics from your members, you can proceed to create a private groups or subscription based memberships where you can offer higher value services to those members who wanted more buzz for their brands.  We can see this often coming from niche forum where the site owners create subsequent private area for members who are willing to pay for faster answers or contents for their problems.

Similar to other authority site like YouTube, give your members space to create their own contents and they will in return generate a constant flow of free traffics for you.

Once you have the free flow traffics, you can then sell ads or promote anything that makes you money.


If you tried many times to make a living online but failed, now is the time to think and do what you love for a living.  Creating an authority site is the answers, there are no other secret required.

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