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Any who had started an online business do not know much about it initially. Like everyone else, I was confused as my searches came across many online advertisements recommending different ways of starting and running a net business. Almost all of these blurbs offered guaranteed success to me, provided I pay and buy their internet business packages.

Furthermore, flashing across my computer screen imposingly were the success stories of their cyber business users and eye-catching testimonials.  Each one of the online blurbs competes by trying to out-beat each other to lure me with amazing offers and make-believe stories. It was amazing how some self proclaimed millionaires, bragging about their wealth using lengthy flash sales pages and pleading for my hard earned $7, $19 or $47 or even more. How wonderful that they seemed eager to show me how to get rich quick like them.

I was stunned to see these self proclaimed millionaires virtually beg on internet for a few dollars from poor souls like me. I got bombarded with these offers via email messages as well. I too was drawn to these publicity exploits as I desire to find the best way to launch an internet business of my own. Unable to choose the right one I tried a number of them one after the other and failure was the result. But when doing so I though each of those failures were pillars for my success in my dreamy internet business.

The result of this was losing my money in my search for the best internet business to start. Few of these would have been genuine offers while the rest lead to waste of money and time. To pick the genuine one was the difficulty. I learnt from my experience and my advice to you too is not to go through the same trial and error process.

Therefore, if you want to set up a legitimate home internet business, then do not gullibly get carried away by these blurbs. However don't be overly cautious and keep on learning all about internet business from whateve resources you can get. As you step in to the unknown territory, learn more and more to be familiar on every thing you want to know about the internet business you wish to start. Do not budge a single step without knowing the right path to tread. On getting the correct idea, you have to launch your internet business with a strong desire to succeed.

After setting up your internet business with a proper website and products the next step is to promote your internet business. You will learn that you need to optimize your website and make it search engine friendly.

Again when you try to find out how to do this, you will be confronted with showy advertisements offering to get your site to the guaranteed number one position on Google or Yahoo within a specific period of time like seven days or one month easily at a payment of a specific fee. And in your eagerness to succeed, you will readily pay the relevant fee through your credit card and hopefully wait for this to happen.

Then many days will pass and no results will be seen. Again and again you repeat paying to see it happen at any cost since you are impatient to succeed. You see no outcome. Meanwhile, they will keep throwing a report each time saying that you have to order a special-SEO package from them to improve your chances of that happening. Convinced by their reports that the fault is in your website and not theirs, you unquestioningly make a bigger payment to get that done too by them. Again time continue to pass with no results. Thereafter, being fed up you venture to study yourself all about SEO. You also learn about HTML. Then you start the work of optimizing your website yourself or alternatively contact a genuine expert and get it done properly, at a reasonable one time professional fee.

Now you know through your self learning that your website requires links from other sites. Here too you come across rosy offers on the internet promising to build links quickly at a fee of course. In addition you also find services to submit your website to thousands of directories and search engines at a monthly fee. Since you need fast results, you grab the opportunity by paying the fees. Time passes but no results will be seen.

Finally, you realize that you have to do this manually for results. You start submitting your website yourself to directories, search engines etc. And you also start writing articles and submitting to directories for link building to your website.

Eventually you start seeing the positive results as your hard work start to shows via the traffics you are getting. It is a big relief for you. The most important self revelation to you is that losing money needlessly is over as you have become wiser, prudent and result oriented in your internet business at last.  Congratulations, you have bring success to your online business.

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