These Steps Ruin Your Internet Business

You may not realize that there is a technique to failure.  For those of you who can not fail properly, just follow these simple steps and I personally guarantee you to be a total wash-out.

1. Know hype as your friend:  Earn $10,000 per hour while drinking lemonade and getting a massage.  Gotta go for that one.  Itís a real bargain at $29.95.

2. Never research a program: For those who simply cannot accept hype as their buddy, fear not.  Having no reliable information about a company works almost as well.

3. Never spend money:  Hey, this is all free.  If I wanted to make an investment, Iíd open a store on Main Street with a $6,000 lease payment every month, $50,000 in inventory, and shell out $10,000 every two weeks in payroll.  Yep, thatís how Iíd do it.  But I sure wonít spend $200 on an effective lead generator.

4. Do not take your business seriously: Who cares?  Iíd rather be playing free cell.

5. Get as many site hits as humanly possible: Use every advertising source available.  So what if BuckHunter103 visits my site on banning all firearms in the world.  My hit counter is spinning!

6. Have no plan: Flailing blindly in the dark is sure to waste lots of time and leave you discouraged.  A must for failing.

7. Work as little as possible:  Work is the ultimate enemy of failure.   Whereís that darn free cell bookmark?

8. Quit: If youíve followed my plan so far, and it still seems youíre on the verge of success, thereís only one thing left to do.  QUIT!

Over 90% of internet business owners have followed this plan and failed miserably in just a few short days or weeks.  Are you next?

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