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Making The Most Of Your Internet Business 

A website should give you new ways of marketing and selling your products and building relationships with your customers. But when I do a search for just about anything online I see a lot of web sites that are totally ineffective.

It seems that a lot of people forget that they are only one among tens of hundreds of thousands of the same type of businesses. In order to compete you have to stand out. But it seems that the only standing out a lot of these companies do is in all the things you should not do. 

You web site should be powerful, emotional and should show the reader that his or her life would be more complete - better, easier, more productive, more profitable and happier - if they owned what it is youíre selling. 

Your design needs to move the reader while your content grabs them, working together they should build confidence in both your business and products. You have two seconds to tell your visitor what you sell and whatís in it for them. If that aligns with what they want, theyíll spend more time on your site and that should lead to more sells. 
Itís never about money 

People buy for emotional reasons and justify it after the sell with logic. If your site builds enough confidence in your product or service then your reader will buy from you regardless of price. 

How Not Too Make An Ugly Website 

I thought the best thing to do was look around the web a name a couple things that a lot of people do that they should not. Maybe this will help others not make the same mistakes. 

1. Never Ever have a "under Construction" on a website. All website are under construction all the time. 

2. Stay with one style of font. I know there are a lot of styles that are really cool but the site will look a lot better if you only use one. 

3. Use 2 font colours and no more. Again there are some really cool colours but trying to use them all does not help anyone. 

4. Scrolling text. If someone is trying to read the text on your site and something keeps moving around in the corner of there eye it really makes it tough to stay focused. 

5. Donít use pop-up Windows. No one likes them and most people see them as unwanted ads, and close them without looking at them. Thatís if they donít already have some type of pop-up blocker installed. 

6. Flash introduction. Everyone already knows that this does not work. It has been tested and users hate them. So do not use them. 

7. Opening New Browser Windows. I hate when I finish looking at a site and find I have to close 20 windows. Do not open new windows. 

These are only a couple things that make up a really bad designed website. The list could go on and on but I wanted to point out a couple. 

Letís work together and make the web better for everyone. 

About the Author:
Janeth Duque is a successful internet marketer and website designer.
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