You Need To Become A Money Magician

As we grow up in this modernize world, we create mental associations that shape our thinking and which prompt us to consider money a 'thing', something tangible that we can accumulate, treasure, spend and save. We never actually think of it as something we can create, unless we are thinking to embark on illegal actions. But actually when we look at money from the right perspective, we can discover that money is not a thing, it is just an illusion that each one of us can create.

You are probably dismissing me right now, because you have certainly had in your hands all those dollar bank notes and checks during the years. This has created an association in your mind, linking the bank notes and checks, which are things, with money. But actually money goes way beyond bank notes and checks. Money is just an illusion, a concept, created to allow us to exchange goods in a practical way. Give me a chance to explain.

Originally, many, many moons ago, it all started with precious metals, like gold and silver used as currency in order to save the value of things, like potatoes for example. People discovered that it was easier and more practical to save pieces of gold or silver for months, if not years; than to find a way of preserving their potatoes through the winter in order to be able to exchange them for something else only available in spring. They discovered they could convert the value of the potatoes into gold or silver and then use this stored value when necessary by exchanging the gold for something they needed later on. This system evolved with the times from weighted gold to bank notes backed by gold. In other words, it was an illusion backed by reality. However, by 1971, the last of the world governments had switched from using those 'real things with real value' as money, to using the illusion of money.

For the governments this is the perfect solution. First of all, they are now not limited in the amount of money they have at their disposal. They don't depend on the capacity of a mining company to extract gold or silver from the earth. They now can create (understand: PRINT or COIN) as much money as they want or need. As a direct result of this, there is no limit in the amount of money that can actually exist in the world as long as the illusion works and people believe it.

Just to give you a glimpse of the unbelievable amount of money that exist in the world. Take a look at the size of the FOREX market transactions that take place everyday, not every week or month, but everyday: A staggering 1.5 trillion USD! And what about the debt of most of the developed countries? Well, it runs in the hundreds of billions of dollars!

I hope these examples help you understand that money can actually be created out of nothing because it's just an illusion. Governments do it everyday, and so can you.

The key is to become your own creator of money. In other words, to become a Money Magician. How can you achieve this? There are many ways of getting to this point. But there are two very important tools one has to consider if the goal is to create your own money.

Number one is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge has to do with the mind. The more you understand money, the better you will be at creating money. That is, you will be able to recognize opportunities that will bring you more money. Also, you will be aware of the importance of taking action when those opportunities knock on your door. Even better, when your knowledge of how the money system works improves, you'll be able to, not only, recognize golden opportunities, but to 'create' those opportunities. At this level is where the BIG money is.

Another very important tool to be a Money Magician or, in different terms, to be able to create money, is TECHNOLOGY. Think about it, because of technology, totally new economic fields have been created throughout history and it keeps happening until today. Enter the internet, one of the greatest technological achievements ever. Because of it, there is people making millions just with ideas. For example, if you register a domain name that ends up being very popular, like did, you can sell it; not for pennies, but for millions. If this would happen to you, hadn't you actually created money out of nothing? Yes, and that is precisely what I'm talking about.

You can use technology and knowledge in ways never before thought of. Take also a look at that kid that turned his website into a “buy a pixel billboard”. He had an idea, in other words, he used his knowledge and technology to become millionaire. What did he sell? Actually, an illusion. He turned himself into a Money Magician and created money out of nothing.

In this world, because of knowledge and technology we have unlimited wealth. It's just a matter of baking our own moneymaking pie. Do you have what it takes? We all do, but first we have to change our attitudes and mental associations toward money. When that happens, and I hope this article helps, you are on your way to becoming a 'Money Magician'.

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