The Trend You Can't Afford To Miss Out Is Online Home Businesses

In the world of online business you can go from zero to hero in record speed. 

Do you know what the number one New years resolution was for the year was. Give up smoking?, Stop drinking?, Lose weight?, go on a O.E,  Get a education? Well if you answered yes to any of those you'd be wrong. The number one resolution worldwide for the year was to make more money and the number one way listed to achieve this was by earning it online. 

Its no wonder why when you consider that in February of 2006 a website changed owners for the whopping sum of $700 million dollars. What is most amazing about this is when you considered how this website came into creation. It all started over a student being cold and looking online for a used heater to purchase. When he couldn't find any sites that catered to this need he decided to create his own, Trademe a site brought by Fairfax just a few weeks ago.

Its incredible to think this came out of a student flat from a basic desire for cheap heating. This will be just the beginning of astronomical sums being earned for the sale of websites that originate in homes and flats around the world. In the world of online business you can go from zero to hero in record speed. The advertising companies around the world especially the likes of those who supplied adverts in a classified form that hadn't realized the potential of the online market were abruptly shaken and are now in catch up mode. Even for the starting out now online entrepreneurs there are huge capital gains to be made from little or no investment in creating a online business. 

Anything that draws eyes to sites has a dollar value. Trade me had just over a million subscribers their biggest claim to fame was they had 15 000 houses listed for auction. This is chicken feed when compared to subscriber lists of the online giants like Msn and Apple yet their site sold for 700 million dollars. 

Bill Gates if you are reading this article I'd like to inform you the going rate for any one of my sites is 701 million dollars, I'll throw in a few email addresses and a years paid hosting . Sound ridiculous not really when you consider that online trading one day will end the need for free trade agreements and that online home business owners will generate trillions of dollars of revenue. As people become more and more comfortable with the idea of  buying and selling goods, products and services online then the need for the home distributors to run these networks increases.

There are huge fortunes to be made in so many areas that its mind boggling just even knowing where to start. What opportunity to investigate. Soon there will even be the need for a twelve step program to help those afflicted with the compulsive need to investigate each and every single MLM opportunity that chances by. Online trading is even redefining 
the meaning of super powers. Will the super powers of the future have titles like Usa, China, Russia or will they be google, yahoo, msn. My bet is on John Does online trading site, head office location Mr. and Mrs. Does basement or spare bedroom,  if recent trends  are anything to go by.

The point of this article is that everything is destined to be sold, brought or traded online and its coming sooner than later. You can't afford to miss out on this growing trend or leave it for a rainy day. Who knows you may just be sitting on the very next 700 million dollar used heater.

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