The Main Internet Marketing Businesses You Can Start

For any budding internet entrepreneur, they have many choices to start an internet marketing business. But the question that usually comes to mind is,"Which one should I start?" We'll try to answer that question in this article, as well as the different choices available. 

An individual should choose a business that they are passionate about that caters to their strengths. Choosing an online business is no different. So first you need to assess your strengths, as well as make a list of things you are passionate about. Then you move on to the choices that are available. 

So let's assume that you are an extrovert who loves to be around and interact with people. Your sales skills are also excellent. What could you do online? A Network Marketing business would be ideal. Your job as a Network Marketer would be to retail the products and services of your company and build a downline of retailers that you would earn a commission off of.

Now in today's age of technology, building a network Marketing business DOES NOT have to be like the old days where you bug friends and family and hold house parties. The internet has made that obsolete. You can set up sales funnels on the internet where interested prospects call you.

But it still involves interaction because you still have to pick up the phone when they call. So extroverts with some phone skills are an asset. Network Marketing provides the best chance for residual income on an ongoing basis. 

If you are an introvert that doesn't want to deal with anyone, then affiliate marketing is the ideal choice. Your only job is to market your chosen product. You don't even have to source the product, as the company you work with does that as well as the customer service. You just drive traffic and collect a check. You will need to be highly proficient in the latest internet marketing skills. 

There is another growing industry on the net for the introvert, and that is website flipping. It is similar to Affiliate Marketing in that the user is selling products, either his or someone else's, for commission, but the difference is in the end game. 

Where an Affiliate Marketer is always looking for the next sale, the Website Flipper is only interested in cash flowing the business, then selling that business (the website) for a profit. They are looking to do this on an ongoing basis. 

So there you have it. These are the main Internet Marketing Businesses you can start right now. Based on your passion and strengths, they can build income for years to come.

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