Going Into Web or Not Going Into Web

A good reason is the equalizing factor of the Internet.  Even a small business from a bedroom in your house can compete on even ground with large corporations. If your website is designed well, it can be as impressive looking and as technologically advanced, or maybe even be more.

People say "you can easily sell anything on the Internet". If you take a look at eBay.com, you'll probably tend to agree. The stories of people selling a piece of toast with an image of the Blessed Mary burnt on it, ice chips from the iceburg that sank the Titanic and potato chips resembling famous actors -- they're all true. Hey, some people can sell anything when the right customer comes along.

The truth is, if you want to sell a product on the Internet and be successful, you should be able to not only sell the product, but also deliver the product on the Internet. Thus, information products are the best items to sell over the Internet. You can sell the other products I named above, as well as a myriad of others, but it's tougher. Why? Because of the number of people on the Internet, that's why.

There are huge numbers of people on the Internet. This can work against you because it makes it tough to target your market. Just because there's 12,000,000 people out there doesn't mean that all 12,000,000 are interested in buying an antique chair from you. In fact, maybe only ¼% would be interested. That's still a very respectable 30,000 people, and if you could sell 30,000 antique chairs, I'm sure you'd make a great deal of money. However, you need to reach those 30,000 people with your message.

In the "real world," it might be easy to reach people wanting an antique chair by advertising in antique-related publications. That's referred to as targeted marketing. However, on the Internet, things work in reverse.

In the real world, the antique publication is delivered TO people. On the Internet, those people need to *seek you* out. Thus, if you want to market on the Internet, you'd better be willing to work the "publicity machine," with entries in online databases, advertising, press releases, etc. It's just like in the real world. Just because you put a website on the Internet, you aren't necessarily going to get rich overnight.

So, now that I've probably discouraged you, I'll again ask the question that's posed in the first paragraph of this article: should you do business on the Internet? The answer is a resounding YES! There's bound to be people who are interested in what you have to sell.

Another good reason is the equalizing factor of the Internet. Even if you're just running a small business from a bedroom in your house, you can compete on even ground with large corporations. If your website is designed well, you can be as impressive looking and as technologically advanced (maybe even more - there are a lot of major corporations with crummy looking websites out there).

If you're on the Internet, you're set to have instant contact with prospective and current customers. Through the use of email and autoresponders, you can deliver product information around the world for little or no cost 24 hours a day. You can't do that on the phone or through the mail.

If you're on the Internet, you can greatly expand your market. If you're only marketing locally, you can use the Internet to market nationally. If you're currently marketing nationally, you can step into the global market with the Internet. As long as you have a product or service that is useful to people, you can expand your profit base.

Don't forget the publicity factor on the Internet. Having a website for your business is still a status symbol, if you will. Once you're online, put your email and website address on your business cards, your letterhead, your envelopes, everything. Also, send out press releases to your local press and any other publications applicable to your line of work, letting them know about your website. It might be deemed newsworthy, and you'll get some free publicity for your website.

Finally, if you are selling information products, you can deliver the product immediately to your customer and you'll have no printing expense, no shipping expense, nothing. That's a great profit margin.

You need to go into the Internet with a clear head. Forget those over inflated claims and numbers that the hucksters are spouting. If it sounds like hype, and it smells like hype, it's hype, pure and simple. Very few things have generated the amount of hype that the Internet has, however, there are a lot of good, solid reasons to have your business on the Internet.

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