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Online Forums are a great source of information. There are forums about almost every topic. They indicate new trends in the internet community. Furthermore they reflect the people’s need and preferences. Forum web pages attract a lot of traffic. 

How can forums be used to make money? There are two sides who can use them, the website owners and the opportunity seekers. 

How can website owners use forums? 

They are a great opportunity of a kind of free and efficient advertisement. Everybody can post an information. The information, however, may not be blatant advertisement. You may post hints, advice, solutions, background information about a certain topic. You can answer to the posts of others. You can add the name and URL of your website to the post. 

There are forums of great search engines, e.g. Google or Yahoo. Bravenet also runs high traffic forums. There are topic related forums. If you run a website about home business, make money or get paid opportunities, then you use the business related forum sections of general internet service websites (e.g. Google) or you use forums of business opportunity related websites. 

You have to register at this forums and to read the terms of services. It is recommendable to study some posts in order to get a feeling of the tendency in a certain forum before you compose and place your post. You will see that your website gets more visitors immediately. 

It’s possible to find topic related forums with amazing high rankings, even Google Page Rank 7 or 8, and high traffic rankings according to Alexa. 

A useful source for opportunity seekers 

People who are looking for lucrative business opportunities, products or services, also can use forums. They can gather information and opinions about a topic of their interest. They can ask others avout their experiences with a certain money making opportunity or product. 

Consumers and opportunity seekers can gather valuable information at forums. They, however, have to be aware: Forums can be manipulated. The owner of a website can post ficticious testimonials about his products. The merchant can use different email addresses and nicknames. Otherwise, a merchant can be attacked by an unfair competitor who uses false identities for unfavorable posts. 


Internet Forums are a good matter and can help promoting a business as long as they are used with fairness and common sense. 

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