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The formula for earning a lucrative income working on-line globally on the net is very simple.  Just get more targetted audience to visit your work at home site.

Having the knowledge to build a search engine friendly web site is a must-do for every on-line owners.  So, I should assume you have done the following:

1. The title tag has your keyword
2. The Description tag has the keyword
3. The Keyword density of the page is at least 7% and Not more than that.
4. The back link you created has the keyword on the Anchor text.
5. Submitted at least one article "No matter where" with a link to your site.
6. Get links to your site from related forums. This is a great way to increase credibility. If you have contributed to the forum , your signature should be available with a link to your site. 
7. Get some links from Major directories (Don't link from every other directory. Find the best few ones and submit it there.)
8. Get yourself on Yahoo groups and Google Groups and contribute there. Ask them to publish the article on their website. Of course, whatever you Post/Publish on the group should be worth it for the person to put it on their website. Make sure the content has a Proper link to your website with the anchor text as your keyword. This works pretty well. You could expect at least 2-3 links per published post.
9. Install analytics and keep your check on your site stats. This is important to know where you stand.

Next come promotion or advertisement.  I have accumulated a list of methods where you can execute to promote your website. Even I am not sure how much traffic one can receive from it. 

However, the list are as follows:

- Blogs
- Articles
- Forums
- Discussion Boards
- Groups
- Press Releases
- Chat Rooms
- Web Rings
- Free Classifieds
- Editorials
- Newsfeeds
- Newsclips
- eZines
- Business Networking Sites
- Social Bookmarking Sites
- Yahoo! Local
- Yahoo Answers
- Widgets
- Online Notebooks
- Directories Submission
- Online Diaries etc.

Getting on-line targetted audience is very simple.  Be where your prospects are:

- If Millions of people hang out in Youtube... be there.
- If millions of people hang out in MySpace... be there.
- If millions of people hang out and do google and yahoo searches... be there.

To your success in getting your own targetted audience.

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