You Need to Give Something in Return for Website Traffics

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Online business success depends on a SINGLE variable called WEBSITE TRAFFICS.  No Website Traffics means no customer and no sales and no earnings and no money.  Website Traffics is one of the MOST precious commodity in the Online world. 

Many Online Business failed because they failed to bring in the necessary website traffics for their website.  In order to generate the necessary traffics for your website, first you must asked yourself what are you going to GIVE in returns for it.

Like everything else in life, NOTHING is ever FREE.  Somewhere, someone along the line must pay for it.  When you watch Free television programs, the advertisers paid for it and you pay for it by watching or waiting (your time) for the commercials to end.

What you wear, what you eat, you have to Give sometime in returns in order to get the money to pay for it.  You either give away labours time to earn the money or go into business to sell something in exchange for money.

Likewise, for your Online Business, if you opt for the Natural Search Engine, it is not free either.   For your website to get lots of traffics and high ranking, you have to put it the time and effort either to learn search engine optimizing yourself or pay a search engine professional to do it for you.

Either you Give away Time or you Give away Money. 

In order for you to make the right decision, you have to:

- Analyze your own strength and weakness. 
- What do you like to do and enjoy doing?
- What are the activities you are good at?

If you think that you are a passionate writer or you like writing, then giving away Free Articles will be a good online website marketing strategy for you.  In a Free Articles Marketing Strategy, you Give away your Time by writing articles and spending time submitting it to the various ezine, enewletters etc.

There are others who might not like writing but are good at keywords analysis and investing their money in PPC Search Engine traffics campaign is a better options for them.  Do you know that there are many PPC Online Experts who are so good at PPC Search Engine keywords analysis and that one strategy helps to generate the necessary traffics and business for them.

In this world, everyone have their own strength and weakness and you should exploit your Strength to the fullest which will make you the most money.  Outsource the rest to others and focus on your strength to the max. 

Jack of all trade will often end up as Master of NONE.

Wishing all Online Business Owners success in finding their your own Strength at their Online Marketing.

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